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The Mill’s “Blackbird”

The Mill’s “Blackbird”


Now this is one hell of a bit of tech.

A car replacement for shooting that can match the majority of key physical attributes including wheelbase, suspension, and the electric motors can be programmed to recreate the acceleration/driving characteristics.

The HDR camera setup captures the environment, including a lightmap, so the CGI model can be lit exactly as it would have been if it was in that exact setting on that exact day.

Considering auto design starts in CAD these days, the high fidelity model already exists. It is then down to a 3D artist and compositor to drop the model in, giving the production company infinite flexibility to update superficial model features, colours and apply any effects.

Why would they ever bother to get the actual car in the actual setting anymore? We already know Ikea stopped doing mock ups – everything in the Ikea catalog is CG. Everything.